No person shall enter the school premises under the influence of alcohol or any drugs.
No person shall sell any illegal drug s in the school premises.
No gambling games of any kind or any form allowed in the school premises.
No person shall carry weapons in the school premises.
Visitors must register at the security office.
Visitor shall at all report at the administration office before engaging in any activities at the school.
No fighting or shouting is allowed in the school premises.
Learners must enter the school premises in full school uniform at all times, wearing correctly and proudly , behave impeccably while wearing in the school premises and outside.
The school reserves the right to search, through its security personnel, the police and CPF any person entering or leaving the school premises.
The school reserves the right to prosecute or take legal action against transgressors.
All persons entering the school premises are subject to all regulations listed in the school police.
No use of terogotory, abusive and vulgar language.
No learner will be allowed to leave the school premises without the parents or guardian.
No hawkers without the management permission.
Please keep the school clean, do not litter